9.15.18–9.30.18 EAGLE CREEK PARK

Come see To Peck or Not to Peck, My Handstand, and Flying Woodstork.

The Images of Nature Photography Exhibit is held at the Earth Discovery Center (nature center) at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, IN.

Directions: From the 56th Street Park entrance – go to the second left turn (toward the Marina). About halfway to the Marina, take the left turn marked by a sign to the Discovery Center. Follow the road to the Center.

From the 71st Street entrance, drive through the park to the first right turn. Then follow directions as above.

There is a fee (usually $5 for Marion County residents and $6 for other counties) to enter Eagle Creek Park.
Exhibit Dates: Sept 15 – Sept 30 from
9 AM – 5 PM Mon-Sat and
1 PM – 3 PM on Sun.  You will enjoy the exhibit!